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Hi my name is Dang, I am with ajarn for many years, I am one of the volunteer here to help Ajarn Patana out with most of his daily tasks, rituals and ceremonies, and also to help the public as a form of delivering my vow that I have made many years ago. I will be translating all the requests and speak to master before our daily morning prayers. We are currently receiving many messages from followers from different countries, Please do pardon me and understand me sometimes if I were to take longer to reply to your messages. To help me speed up the process of my work, do send your birthdate, birthtime, country of birth along with your questions, and be detail and specific in your questions and requests. Do expect 1-3 days time for me to reply to your messages. All messages will be kept confidential, I will be the only person who reads it and translates to Ajarn Patana.

We give priority to support ticket system messages.
Please contact by submitting a support ticket is preferred.

For faster support please send us full details of your requests along
with birthdate (DD/MM/YYYY) , birthtime and country of birth.

Reply may take 1-3 days as messages need to be translated to thai language for master.


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please email to:



Send to this email (
for payment link request only,
send to this email only if do not require any advise or
questions & answers from master.

Else please use the support ticket above or
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Please email to:

(This email address is managed by another follower,
only for payment link request and bank details info.
Please do not send questions to this email. )

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Item code: XXXXX
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Your full name: XXX YYY
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